What to Look for in Top DWI Lawyer

May, 2013 by

Getting arrested for driving while under the influence is a nightmare for anyone. It is often the case that a person simply used poor judgment and did not consider the consequences when choosing to drink and drive. No matter the reason, facing these charges can be an uphill battle if the right support systems are not in place. One of the first things that needs to be done is hiring a lawyer that has experience with these types of cases. Many lawyers claim to be good at everything, but in reality they all have certain types of cases that they work more than others. When searching for a dwi lawyer Rochester MN, it is vital to hire someone that has a proven track record with criminal defense.

Being up front and honest is a positive trait in anyone, but especially when working with a lawyer. Lawyers that are going to do the best job of defending someone are going to be up front and honest from the start about their fees and policies. This is a time to ask questions about the pre and post trial requirements and how the lawyer will help clients through those steps.


Another area that should be considered when searching for a dwi lawyer Rochester MN is the background and experience of a lawyer. It is not always the best decision to go with a lawyer that has the most years of experience. What truly counts are the cases that a lawyer has been a part of and the outcome of those cases. Lawyers that have a positive track record with DWI cases are going to be more likely to continue that trend. It is also good to see which lawyers have had complaints filed against them, and what the reputation of the lawyer is among judges and prosecutors. The reputation of a lawyer among his or her peers says a lot about their practice.

A final consideration when choosing a lawyer for this type of case is personality and work ethic. Lawyers that are too passive tend to give in or give up too easily. They aren’t willing to go the extra mile to defend their clients. At the same time, lawyers that are too aggressive can make enemies out of prosecutors or judges. Dealing with a DWI is a stressful experience and hiring the right lawyer can help ease that stress and get a favorable outcome.