What to look for in comfortable work shoes

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

When wearing shoes at work for up to ten hours or more a day, comfort is of paramount importance. Although there are a number of different forms of comfortable work shoes, none have a high heel. For those people who work in a position that demands they be on their feet all day, comfort is extremely important, the wrong type of shoes can not only make hours on your feet agonizing, they can also lead to lifelong problems with your feet and back. Industrial Hytest shoes are but one style that provides comfort over long periods of wear.

The most important quality of a good work shoe is support, without excellent support for the whole foot there is a good chance that you will find yourself in agony at the end of your work day. This will typically mean a shoe with a low heel and some degree of flexibility. A shoe with very little heel like a ballet flat is not a good choice, these shoes no doubt are attractive and can look quite dressy but they will not provide the degree of comfort and support that is necessary.

If you are fortunate enough to be employed in an environment that allows casual dress then a good choice is a cross trainer or an athletic walking shoe. These types of shoes are designed for this purpose and in many cases the upper is made from a breathable fabric which helps in keeping the feet cool. If your employment situation is such that you need to wear a dressy shoe, then a loafer or oxfords are good choices. In these situations, leather is a superior choice over vinyl as leather tends to breath, keep the foot cooler.

A true key to comfort is fit, the shoe must not be either too tight or too loose. Industrial Hytest shoes need to be in the proper width as well. It is highly recommended that work shoes be purchased from a retailer that can fit you properly and allow you some time to wander around the store in every pair you try on. You will know very quickly if the shoe choice will give you problems or not over time. Stay away from shoes that are pointed but do look for shoes that have rounded toes, rubberized heels and good support and padding inside.

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