What to Expect with a Root Canal

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Have you been suspecting that you need a root canal? If so, it is best to speak to a dentist who can give a root canal in New Rochelle, NY. However, it is understand able that you will want to know what to expect before the procedure is done. If you are wondering what to expect with a root canal New Rochelle, NY, read on…

What is a Root Canal?

First things first…a root canal is a type of dental procedure that is considered to be a last ditch effort to save a tooth. Generally a root canal will need to be done due to trauma, infection or severe decay.

What to Expect During a Root Canal

The first thing that will generally happen is your dentist will numb the tooth. He or she may put a rubber dam over the tooth in order to isolate the tooth and keep it dry. At this point, the dentist will begin to drill into the tooth and will start removing any decay or bacteria that is present in the tooth. This includes the canals of the tooth, which they will clean out with a small file. This allows the dentist to completely remove the nerve of the tooth.

At this point, depending on the situation, you will either be asked to wait a week and be given a temporary filling or the tooth will be filled with a permanent filling. The reason some people will need a temporary filling is because there may be an infection or the tooth will literally need to “settle down” due to inflammation. Once the permanent filling is in place, you will be on your way.

Other Considerations About Root Canal

Generally, once a tooth has gone through a root canal, it can become quite brittle. Because of this, many dentists will recommend a dental crown to be put on the tooth. This is a very strong cap made of porcelain that will be able to protect your real tooth underneath. Finally, you should know is that the success rate of a root canal is very high. If the root canal fails, or you choose to not have a root canal, the only other option is to have the tooth pulled.

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