Benefits of Seeing a Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Hampton

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Many people today are becoming concerned with how white their teeth look. Because of this, they often may turn to over the counter teeth whitening kits to help them in removing stains and other discolorations on their teeth. While some of these kits can produce some results, in many cases it may not be enough. In order to obtain white teeth, a person may find it better to see a dentist for Teeth Whitening Hampton.

Most dentists can offer patients a much higher degree of whitening than they can obtain from a kit. This is because a dentist will be able to use professional whitening products that are much stronger and more concentrated. This can enable the teeth to become much whiter and in a shorter period of time as well.

Often, a patient may be worried that they do not have the time to visit their dentist for a series of treatments for Teeth Whitening Hampton. While it is generally better to have the dentist perform the actual whitening for the patient, for those people who find it too difficult for these types of treatments, many dentist provide professional at home whitening kits for their patients. These kits are created using the same types of products that the dentist uses in the office, which will enable the patient to have the same level of whitening even though they handle the application themselves.

When a patient uses an at home kit, they will first need to be fitted for a dental tray to use in the application of the product. This is important, as having a tray that conforms to one’s teeth can help in making sure that the product is applied properly to the teeth and in a uniform manner. The patient will also receive instructions from the dentist on how to use the product, when and how often as well. Most dentists will then arrange for a follow up visit so they can check the patient’s progress.

Generally, a patient will need to fill the tray with the whitening product and apply it to their teeth every night for a week or two. The application is generally done every night, and it often can take three to four hours before the application is finished. While this can take a bit of time, it can be a good option for many people. For more information, please Click here.


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