What to Do if You Have Stains on Hardwood Flooring in New York City

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

thumbs_gallery_02When you have hardwood flooring in New York City, you may freak out over every tiny drop of water or mess, because you know it can be permanently damaging to your floor if it’s not cleaned up quickly. However, knowing how to properly clean the mess is the best way to ensure your floors are beautiful for many years to come.

For any type of liquid, it is best to wipe up the spill immediately. This will ensure that the stain doesn’t penetrate through the wax or finish and cause more problems. Types of liquid can include water, milk, juice and more. Keep in mind that juice has a lot of acid, which can cause damage more quickly.

If, however, you have dried stains or other types of stains, then you need to know what to do. Dried food or milk can cause problems because it looks bad and it can be hard to wipe up. In some cases, it shouldn’t be wiped up because it could scratch the wood. Instead, use a sharpened blade and gently remove the dried on mess. Be careful not to scratch the finish. Then you can rub the spot with a cloth.

If you had standing water on your hardwood flooring in New York City, then you may have staining or spotting. To remove these types of stains, you will need to know if you have wax finishes or a surface finish. For the surface finished wood, you would use a special standing-water cleaner and buff it vigorously. If you have a wax finish, you can rub the spot with steel wool and then re-wax. If this doesn’t work, you can also try to sand it lightly with fine sandpaper. Use a wood floor cleaner afterwards to pick up all the mess and then let the floor dry.

If you notice there is melted candle wax on your hardwood flooring in New York City, you can scrape it up with a razor blade, being very careful not to remove the finish. If it doesn’t scrap easily, then you can apply ice directly to the wax until the stain is brittle. It should then crumble up. You will then want to clean the floor and re-wax, if required.

New York Wood Flooring understands that you want to keep your hardwood flooring in New York City looking beautiful and new, so here are a few tips.

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