What Should Patients Expect When Getting Dentures?

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What Should Patients Expect When Getting Dentures?

Dentures can allow a person to regain their confidence and improve their diet. A person can be faced with missing teeth due to gum disease, cavities, and injuries. When a large amount of teeth are missing, it can have a profound effect on a person’s diet because they are so limited in their selection. Thankfully, the dentist can offer false teeth to allow a person to regain their smile and their normal eating ability.

When one first sees the dentist about Dentures, they will need to have their mouth fully examined. If any teeth are remaining, these will be removed so the dental plates will fit in precisely. If teeth need to be removed, this will be the most unpleasant part of the process because it leaves a person sore and unable to eat solid foods until their mouth heals. If more than one tooth is being removed, the dentist will likely give a patient intravenous medications so they are asleep during the procedure.

Many dentists are now placing bone graft material in the sockets of each tooth they pull. When a tooth is pulled, the socket begins to lose its bone tissue which can lead to the atrophy of the bone in the socket. Without ample bone growth, the ridge of the gums becomes weaker and the appearance of the jaw can be changed over a period of time. Once the mouth has healed after tooth extraction, the dentist will be able to make accurate impressions to ensure the pair of teeth will be able to fit precisely in the patient’s mouth.

It can be difficult for a person to grow accustomed to wearing dentures in the beginning. If the teeth are made properly, they will fit precisely and should not slip around in the mouth. While there are denture adhesives, a precise fit eliminates the need for these products because suction is created as the dental plates are put in place. After a period of a few weeks, a patient will grow accustomed to eating and talking with their new teeth.

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