What Occurs During Vision Exams in St. Paul, MN?

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

It is important for both children and adults to have vision exams in St. Paul MN. Eye doctors recommend children are seen at the ages of six months, three years and before they start first grade. Adults should have eye exams every two years or more often if they suffer from certain eye conditions. Understanding the processes carried out during an eye exam can help you to feel at ease when making your appointment.

What are the Steps Involved in Vision Exams in St. Paul, MN?

There are five main parts to a complete eye exam. These tests help to measure how well you see and check your eyes for damage and certain conditions. Through these tests, you can learn if you require glasses or require procedures to correct certain eye conditions.

Eye muscle test — This test measures the way your eye muscles move. It tests their strength and control and helps to show if there are any issues in your eyes being able to follow and track movement.

Cover test — The cover test is carried out to show how well your eyes perform together. The doctor will cover each of your eyes and uncover them at different points, to check for issues with your eyes turning in the the opposite direction of the object the doctor is having you monitor. This can reveal if you have strabismus.

External examination — During this portion of the test, the eye doctor carefully exams the outer parts of your eye, checking for eye conditions. He or she will also check your pupil responses to make sure the pupil opens and closes appropriately.

Visual test — Through this test, the dentist will check your actual vision level and make the decision on whether or not you need corrective lenses for vision problems.

Retinoscopy — Testing the way light enters your eyes can allow the eye doctor to understand what prescription you need for your corrective lenses.
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