Five Qualities To Look For In A Craft Beer Can Filler

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Five Qualities To Look For In A Craft Beer Can Filler

In the world of craft beer, cans still cause a debate. Among the purists, bottles are the only option. However, cans do offer certain advantages. They do not allow in light, are easy to transport, have lower O2 pickup and are easy to recycle. A craft beer can filler provides these benefits and more for drinker and brewer alike.

What to Consider

When it comes to filling cans, it is important to choose a machine that provides the services your brewery needs. Be sure to take into space, cost-effectiveness, the ability to shift from one mode of filling (bottle) to another (can) and the marketability of your brew in this format. When looking at specific beer can fillers, closely consider the following qualities before purchasing

  1. Control System: Manual machines are available so, too, are semi- and fully automatic can fillers
  2. Changeover: If you need to alternate between different size cans, e.g. 12 and 16oz, does the craft beer can filler offer this option?
  3. Speed: Can the machinery speed up and slow down filling speeds on demand? Does it offer short changeover times when addressing the different can size requirements?
  4. Quantity: Can it address the filling needs of a low output range effectively and efficiently?
  5. Design: Is the equipment compact in design making it easier to install in smaller spaces?

Keep in mind which of the above qualities certain to your brewery. Make sure the fit between can filler and your brewery is a good one. Ask if the packaging line can meet any possible future expansion without considerable adjustment or expense.

Craft Brew Can Filler: Choosing the Right System

When it comes time to consider a packaging system, look at the benefits from opting for a craft brew can filler. It does not mean deserting bottles. It means improving versatility, decreasing transportation costs and reaching out to a larger customer base.

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