What Can You Find in a Hardware Store in NYC

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

What Can You Find in a Hardware Store in NYC

New homeowners should be aware that the typical hardware store in NYC offers more than just plenty of nails and other basics. In fact, stores of this type will provide all sorts of additional resources that come in handy for managing a home. Here are some examples of what the typical homeowner will find once he or she steps through the front door of a hardware store.

Plumbing and Electrical Basics

A hardware store is a perfect place to buy basic electrical supplies. This includes items like extension cords, light bulbs, and even switch plates. In terms of plumbing supplies, it’s easy to find items like plungers, stoppers, and even ball mechanisms to go into toilet tanks. There’s also plenty of pipe fittings and sections to choose from. This makes it easy for the do it yourself homeowner who wants to repair a damaged pipe under the kitchen sink to find everything needed for the job, and at a reasonable price.

Paint and Wallpaper

A hardware store in NYC will also offer plenty resources for decorating the home. Paint and wallpaper are two prime examples. The store will carry a wide range of paint colors, and also have equipment on hand that makes it possible to mix custom colors. In terms of wallpaper, options, the store will carry borders as well as vinyl wallpaper that is pre-pasted. Resources of this type make it easy to transform the look of a room over a weekend, and without having to go through a lot of trouble.

Lawn Care Supplies and Equipment

The hardware store will also include plenty of selections for home lawn and garden care. This includes push mowers, rakes, hoes, and other basics. If the homeowner is interested in planting a small garden in the back yard, there is usually a plentiful supply of stakes, tomato cages, and other types of resources. It’s even possible to find seeds for flowers and different type of vegetables in the same area of the store.

A hardware store will also include some surprises for first time shoppers. There’s often a section devoted to small kitchen appliances, and maybe even a gift shop tucked away in one corner. Take the time to explore the store in detail, and the typical shopper will likely come away with more purchase that they expected.

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