What Can You Expect From Laser Hair Removal in Albany, NY?

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Nobody wants to deal with unwanted body hair. Though many people remove their unwanted hair through shaving, waxing and other temporary methods, these are mostly ineffective in removing the hair. These methods often lead to unsightly hair stubble, making you start the process of hair removal all over again. If you have unwanted body hair on any part of your body, laser removal is often one of the best options. Through several treatments of Laser Hair Removal in Albany, NY, you can have a permanent solution to your unwanted hair, making your skin smooth and hair-free.

How Does a Laser Remove Your Unwanted Hair?

When you decide you are tired of dealing with the constant removal of your unwanted body hair, you need to meet with a laser hair removal specialist. He or she will survey your body, checking for the hair issues you are dealing with. If the specialist feels you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will be scheduled.

It is important to note you should not feel any pain or discomfort during the Laser Hair Removal in Albany, NY. The specialist will use a cold infusion laser to send laser signals down into the hair follicle. This helps to shrink the hair follicle so it signals to stop growth in the follicle. It will typically take several treatments for you to be able experience permanent removal of your hair. This is because you have several growth cycles in your hair. If the follicle is not in the active growth stage, it will not be affected by the laser.

After your first treatment with the laser, you can expect to see all of the hair in the treated area to be removed. When the hair grows back, it will come in much finer and lighter than before. Each time you have a treatment, you will see less and less hair growth, until the hair is removed permanently.

If you are tired of dealing with unwanted body hair, contact Advanced Laser Medspa. They will be glad to consult with you and give you information on how laser hair removal can change your life.

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