What Can You Expect From Ant Removal Services in CT?

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Ants are insects that may be fun to watch, but can be an annoyance when they are in your home. Ants get into your food and are often found in the kitchen during the spring and summer months. Many people find their homes overrun with these insects. Though many ant species do not cause problems with your health, fire ants can give you a painful bite. With enough of these bites, you could risk infection and allergic reactions. If you have found your home is being invaded with ants, there are solutions available. Through Ant Removal in CT services, your ant problems can be a thing of the past.

How Will the Exterminators Remove Ants From Your Home?
First, the exterminators will need to come in your home and identify what type of ants have invaded. Since different types of ants require different insecticides, this step in the process is essential. Once the type has been identified, the exterminator will work to find where their colony is. Unfortunately, ants can make their colonies in remote areas of your home, where they are difficult to reach. The good news is, ants will often carry insecticides back to their colonies, feeding the young and queen and killing off the population.

First, the exterminator will work on preventing the ants from being able to enter your home. This will involve making sure all cracks are sealed off with caulk. You can do your part by keeping your dishes washed and putting foods away into sealed containers. Ants are foragers and will be looking for food. If you eliminate their source of food, you can cut down on their population.

The exterminator may employ different methods of removing the ants. There are sprays, powders and granules that can effectively kill ants. Since they have such a good smell, the insecticide must be enticing to them.

If your home is experiencing ant problems, there is help through an exterminating company. To learn more about your options for removing ants from your home, contact Triple AAA American Exterminators. They will be glad to take care of your ant problem so your home is insect free.

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