What Can the Dentists in Kailua Do to Treat Your Cavity?

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Dentist

Cavities are common and can occur at any age. The problem with cavities, is they do not cause many symptoms when they first begin. This is why having regular dental appointments is so important. This can allow the dentist to find cavities when they are just beginning, so they can be treated before they become big problems. When you have a cavity, prompt dental treatment is crucial to help you to avoid losing your tooth. The Dentists Kailua will be able to provide you with the treatment your cavity needs, so you do not have to face having the tooth extracted or having the decay spread to other teeth.

How Do the Dentists Kailua Repair a Cavity?

One of the first methods the dentist will use to repair your cavity is to fill it. This is a simple process that involves the dentist removing the decayed portions of your tooth. This is done through the use of a drill. It is important for the dentist to remove as much of the decay as possible, so it does not continue to eat away at the tooth and cause further damage. Once the tooth has been completely cleaned of all signs of decay, the dentist will begin to prepare your filling.

The type of filling you have will be based on the extent of your cavity, your age and your preference. Filling materials can be created from compound, porcelain and metal alloys. Metal alloy fillings are the strongest choice and typically last longer than compound or porcelain fillings. Many people end up choosing compound or porcelain fillings because they are white and blend in well with their tooth.

If your tooth is severely damaged and the structure is compromised, your dentist may cover the filled tooth with a crown, to help protect and restore it. This will often allow you to be able to avoid extraction.

If you are in need of cavity care or any type of dental care, Aikahi Dental can provide you with those services. Through the care they provide, your teeth and gums can stay healthy and looking their best.

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