What Can a Worker Compensation Attorney in Florence, KY Do For You?

December, 2013 by

If you are unable to work because of an illness or injury that occurred while on the job, you might be wondering if you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. If so, you may need a worker compensation attorney in Florence ky. It can be scary when faced with the worry of how to pay your bills when unable to work, but workers’ compensation can help you get by until you’re back on your feet. Workers compensation is a form of insurance that an employer carries that helps cover the cost of wage replacement and medical expenses when an employee is injured while performing some type of job related task.

The problem with this type of situation is that very often the injured employee has a difficult time proving their claim because employers will often contest the initial claim.If you’re in a situation where you’re unable to work because of a workplace injury or illness and you’re having a hard time collecting compensation, a worker compensation attorney in Florence ky will work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.When you hire an attorney that is experienced in the area of workers’ compensation they will help you understand the laws of your state, as they vary greatly from state to state. Your attorney can then assess all of the details of your claim to determine how much compensation you may be entitled to and help you appeal any claims that have been denied. While you’re waiting for the process of your workers’ compensation claim to be completed, you might want to speak to your attorney about some of the other alternatives to get some extra income coming in. For example, if your injury was caused as the result of faulty equipment, the manufacturer of the equipment may be liable for some of your expenses and medical bills that have accrued as the result of the accident. Some other things you might want to consider are seeing if you qualify for unemployment benefits, as that may get you some income for a bit. Social Security Disability may be an option as well. If you are unable to do any type of work at all, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. Regardless of what route you and your attorney choose, once you get some income coming in you will be able to get the rest you need and get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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