What Assisted Living Facilities In Long Island Have To Offer

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As you get older, taking care of yourself may become more and more difficult. When this happens, you may not want to give up your freedom by moving to a nursing home. If this is the case, look into Assisted Living Facilities in Long Island. There are several benefits of living with help over living on your own or being totally dependent on another person.


Most assisted living facilities offer residents three healthy meals a day. Most of these meals are served in a communal environment. This means there is no more cooking for one and no more eating alone.

Assistance With Personal Care

If you are having trouble bathing, dressing yourself, using the bathroom, or just getting around, there is someone at the facility who can help you do these things, making your life much easier and less stressful.


With age, housekeeping can become much more difficult and even dangerous. Assisted living facilities offer housekeeping service so you no longer need to worry about cleaning your house. You can spend your free time doing something you enjoy.

Transportation Services

As you get older, it seems like the number of doctor appointment you have doubles each year. Assisted living services offer transportation services to these appointments so that you do not need to burden family members each time you need to see a doctor.


Just because you are elderly, it does not mean that you stop enjoying yourself. Assisted living facilities offer a variety of regularly scheduled activities you would enjoy to keep you busy.

Social Atmosphere

Assisted living facilities are designed for people who are your age and who struggle with the same things that you do each day. Living in one allows you to bond with other people in your situation, making friends, and building lasting relationships.

Wellness Programs

Assisted living facilities offer wellness programs, including fitness and nutrition programs. As you get older, your diet needs change, as does your ability to handle certain exercises. The staff at these facilities can keep your health on track.

If you are looking for a place to live where you can spend your time with your peers, be taken care of, and retain your independence, look into Assisted Living Facilities in Long Island. The Regency Assisted Living facility can handle all of your physical, personal, and social needs.

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