Weighing The Pro’s And Con’s Of Dental Implants

April, 2013 by

Most people, for various reasons, have had to have a tooth or teeth pulled now and then. Some have even had to have all of their teeth pulled. Having a hole where the missing tooth would have been can cause other teeth to shift, filling in the spot. With having all teeth pulled, dentures are the most common way of replacing the teeth for both looks and ability to eat. Some people are not happy with these choices and start looking for alternate options such as dental implants.

Choices such as implant dentistry in Summerlin have pros and cons that need to be weighed carefully before making any decisions on having the procedure. Some of the pro’s to implants are that they are durable, permanent and provide a natural appearance and function. Because they are anchored in the bone, implants perform like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they do not slip and slide around in the mouth causing sore spots and problems talking. This also gives them a more natural biting force for things like apples and corn on the cob.

Even with the good side, dental implants from someone like implant dentistry Summerlin, have their cons also. One of the cons is that implants take time, up to a year possibly, to be totally completed. Another con is the risk of complications such as pain, swelling and infection. Also to be considered is the cost of implants. Because of the amount of time and material put in to implants, they can cost up in to the tens of thousands of dollars when finished.

Because of the time and money investment, a person should never just jump in to getting dental implants. Go over the pros and cons and determine if implants could be a good fit for you. Discuss all the options with your dentist and determine what is best for both your lifestyle and your finances. Make sure that you are ready to spend months going back and forth to the dentist for appointments and that you aren’t going to put your finances in the red. In the end, no matter what decision you make, your dentist can help you create a winning smile.

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