Vacation In The Lap Of Luxury With A Penthouse Suite

January, 2014 by Chantel Ledbetter

When choosing what kind of hotel room you want to book for the duration of your stay in Nairobi, there are numerous questions to answer. Would you rather book a room located in the heart of the city or on the outskirts? Do you want to stay at a large hotel, a resort, or would you rather enjoy the more unique and intimate setting of a boutique hotel? Would you prefer a single room or a suite? If you are interested in having the most sumptuous vacation experience, you may want to consider looking at the penthouse suite in your hotel before you answer that last question. Don’t finalize the details of your visit until you have the opportunity to check out the availability of penthouses in Nairobi for the best views, spacious rooms, and luxurious appointments.

Penthouse apartments were originally designed to offer a more house-like scheme than an apartment by being built as a separate entity on the roof of the existing apartment building. This offered the potential to create an outdoor space that was larger and more appealing than a typical balcony, as well. Whether or not penthouses are a separate structure from the original building these days, they are still always located on the top floor of the building. Being situated far above the noise of the street has the benefit of giving a sense of removal from the urban location, but without losing the advantages of being in a large city. Because a penthouse occupies all or most of the top floor, it is generally several times larger than the apartments and rooms on the floors below, and usually includes more luxury features. Hotels have copied the design of penthouse apartments in order to offer their guests the same benefits of rooftop living.

Choosing to stay in the penthouse suite of your hotel will give you the best views of the stunning Nairobi cityscape. You will enjoy the top-of-the-world feeling you get from your vantage point high above the hustle and bustle. Penthouse suites are more spacious than the typical hotel suite, too, so you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling a regular hotel room frequently tends to give a couple of days into the stay. Because penthouses in Nairobi are, by nature, more luxurious, the time spent relaxing at your hotel will be just as valuable to you as the time spent out on safari, sightseeing, shopping, and experiencing the unique culture of Kenya’s capital city.

Penthouses in Nairobi offer unsurpassed choices for views of the city, spacious rooms, and luxury. Check out the options for penthouses in Nairobi online at to pamper yourself on your vacation with the best in creature comforts.

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