Urban Landscaping in New Orleans, LA Should Complement Its Historic Character

November, 2014 by

New Orleans is a historic city with a unique character. It’s important that any Urban Landscaping in New Orleans LA complement the authentic character of the city. Landscape designers should use plants and trees that are indigenous to the area and respect the integrity of existing neighborhood design. A small courtyard garden project near Bourbon Street will be quite different from a large lawn design in the Garden District.

Cities and counties often create comprehensive plans to ensure that all the developers in a region have a common vision of what developments should look like. They also give advice on how the building and landscape design should relate to the existing built environment. The best way to ensure sensitive landscaping that achieves these goals is to use a local engineering and design firm. The professionals at Oneal-Bond Engineering have over 40 years of experience in a wide range of projects. In addition to civil engineering and land surveying, they also have completed many urban design projects. Along with working for developers, they have also helped local governments create comprehensive plans.

A rich urban design project contains both landscape and hardscape. Landscaping includes the plants, trees, lawns, gardens and flowers. Hardscaping design refers to patios, walkways, fountains, retaining walls, and stonewalls. Professionals who received their education along the Gulf Coast understand the fragile environmental systems that need to be protected in these designs. They also have an intuitive knowledge of the appropriate scale and appearance of features. Many landscape features can also help absorb the runoff from tropical storms and hurricanes. This protects expensive plants and wildlife habitats. They can also help buffer the wind.

Effective urban landscaping service in New Orleans requires project managers who can design the right plan and then get it approved by local boards. They must be able to make presentations that local officials, businesses and residents understand and like. Once the plan is approved they need to have the local contacts to hire a variety of subcontractors to work together effectively. A single contractor that doesn’t show up on time can halt the work of everyone else on the site.

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