Understanding the Different Types of Dental Bridges Riverside and Their Benefits

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Fixed removable dentures also known as bridges are an ideal option for anyone seeking to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges in Riverside are beneficial as they help give shape to the face and especially around the mouth and jaw region while at the same time helping improve one’s ability to chew and speak. There is no doubt that removal of front teeth can easily affect one’s confidence hiding that beautiful smile but this can also be rectified easily using bridges. Fixed removal dentures are normally supported by natural teeth, implants or both depending with the prevailing condition.

There are different types of bridges to choose from and this can be done based on a number of factors including cost and preference. However, one will need to discuss with his/her dentist on the merits and demerits of different materials used to make the bridges. Bridges are divided into 3 categories that include the following:

Conventional bridges: – These fixed removable dentures involve making a crown or a cap (tooth-shaped cover) for the teeth located on either side of the gap that requires bridging. These bridges are normally made of a combination of porcelain and metal or ceramic.

Maryland bonded bridges: – These bridges are also known as acid-etched or resin-bonded bridges. They are made of metal structure and plastic teeth and this framework is bonded to the existing teeth for support.
Cantilever bridges: – These fixed removable dentures are attached by crowns when there are neighboring teeth only on one side of the missing teeth or tooth.

The choice of the type of bridge to be used is determined by a number of factors including the need for crowns and the outcome of patient and dentist discussion during consultation sessions. However, once done properly, dental bridges Riverside can last for several years without requiring any form of repair or replacement. One will however require at least 2 visits to the dentist’s office before getting a bridge. The initial visit will be used to prepare the remaining teeth and in taking of the impressions for accurate construction of the bridges. The teeth will also be covered using temporary crowns for better results. The second visit it to place the bridge in the space.

With proper oral hygiene, dental bridges Riverside can last for more than a decade especially if the supporting teeth don’t develop new cavities. Removable bridges are advantageous in that they are less expensive compared to fixed bridges. Additionally, they are easy to repair compared to fixed bridges and therefore a popular option for many people. For more information visit http://www.hi-techsmiles.com/

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