Understanding No-Fault Rules Through The Advice Of An Accident Lawyer In Spotsyvania County

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Pennsylvania personal injury law limits litigation through insurance policies whenever possible. However, manufacturers who do not possess adequate insurance to cover the costs of a product’s liability are required to pay monetary damages at any time that they are liable for a severe or permanent injury. Violations of the regulations set forth by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency further implicates the manufacturer, and warrants fault. Victims of product’s liabilities should consult an Accident Lawyer in Spotsylvania County to file a claim.

No-Fault State

As a no-fault state, Pennsylvania has taken measures to eliminate litigation whenever possible. They require multiple insurance policies that apply in nearly every probable circumstance. In terms of automobile insurance, they require that all drivers maintain liability and no-fault insurance. This allows the victim to file a claim through their own insurance policy to acquire compensation. This is, however, not possible in all instances, where a product’s liabilities is identified.

In an automobile accident, a product’s liability is associated with auto parts that were installed into the vehicle during its creation or repair. The attorney representing the victim must pinpoint blame without implicating a shared-fault. This means that the consumer did not omit any safety instructions related to the auto parts and did not commit a traffic violation.

With household products, shared-fault is overruled when the victim can prove that the manufacturer failed to warm him or her of risks via labels affixed onto packaging. All products that could pose any level of threat to consumers requires warning labels based on federal laws. If the victim can prove that she or he followed outlined instructions on the packaging and still sustained an injury, they have a valid claim as well.

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency holds jurisdiction throughout the country and may at any time initiate a product recall whenever more than one consumer suffers similar injuries due to the same product. They can further demand monetary damages for victims who succumbed to this fate. The agency will review the product’s design to determine whether flaws led to the injury. Victims of products-based incidents should contact an Accident Lawyer in Spotsylvania County through Dulaney, Lauer and Thomas, LLP.

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