Types of Power Generators

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Power generators come in different styles and types for different uses. The type of generator that usually first comes to mind for many people is an electrical backup generator. These generators are used when a home or business’s electricity fails, and are able to supply power to a building until the regular electrical service is restored. These generators are generally portable and are generally operated by gasoline, propane, bio fuel, or diesel. They come in various sizes and capacities to match the electrical output they are needed to supply. Having an electrical generator such as this can be very useful during power outages caused by severe weather, and can also be used to supply power in areas where no electricity is generally available, such as outdoor events.


Generators Richmond experts suggest for bigger jobs such as home remodeling or outdoor building jobs are called construction generators. These are larger generators that are designed to create enough power for specialized construction tools. Construction generators also come in various sizes and capacities to match up with larger or smaller construction site needs. Experts advise taking into consideration all of the tools that will need to run from the power supplied by the generator and adding up their wattage in order to get a good idea of what size of construction generator would be best for a specific job.

Inverter generators are another type of Power Generators Richmond experts suggest for activities such as camping or other activities where generator noise may be an issue, because inverter generators are quieter than other types of generators. They are also often the smallest type of generator and are suitable to use to provide power to delicate and sensitive electrical equipment. With an inverter generator, the operator is able to adjust the engine speed to give exactly the correct amount of electrical output to match the amount required for a specific use. This results in less wear and tear on the generator and a longer lifespan for the machine, as well as a savings in fuel.

Generators are used for a variety of tasks and there is a specific type of generator that is best suited to just about any task you need to complete. Consult with a knowledgeable expert when choosing the generator you will need for your job.

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