Types of Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Guns can be purchased for a number of different reasons. Whether someone wants to find a good rifle to hunt with, or another person wants a handgun to use for protection, there are many types available to meet everyone’s needs. Anyone looking for a gun can visit Knob Creek Range. There are many types of Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY.

HandgunsSome of the most common types of Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY are handguns. Although the term refers to all guns that can be used with one hand, there are multiple kinds to choose from. Two typical options include the revolver and the pistol. Even though they are both included in the same category, they are actually very different. A pistol uses a magazine to shoot rounds, whereas a revolver uses a revolving cylinder. They may look and feel similar, but they work in a completely different way.

Long GunsJust like hanguns, long guns come in a variety. There are two main types of Long Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY. These guns have longer barrels, and are typically held against the shoulder when shooting. The two kinds are rifles and shotguns. Shotguns have a smooth bore while a rifle has a grooved bore. The rifle can also shoot only a single projectile, while a shotgun can handle multiple. Shotguns are good for short ranges, and rifles are better for longer ranges. Simply by looking at them, many people may not be able to tell which gun is which unless they really know a lot about guns. The way they shoot and work overall, however, are very different.

Airsoft and Paintball Guns

Those who are looking for Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY may not be looking for a regular gun, but instead for something fun. There are airsoft and paintball guns that can be used for this purpose. Airsoft guns are good replicas of the real thing, but they shoot plastic pellets. They are a non-lethal option, great for practice or target shooting. Paintball guns are similar to airsoft guns. Instead of pellets though, they shoot out balls of paint.

Anyone looking for Guns For Sale in Sheperdsville, KY can easily find what they desire at Knob Creek Range. Whether they want a regular handgun, a long gun, or even just a paintball gun, all options are available.