Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry In Port Orange To Give You A Beautiful Smile

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Having a cosmetic dental procedure can transform your not so perfect teeth into a beautiful smile. When you have Cosmetic Dentistry in Port Orange you’ll no longer have chipped, stained or uneven teeth, as these procedures will conceal your tooth issues. Below are some cosmetic dental procedures that your dentist can perform to give you a beautiful smile.


A crown acts as a cap to cover an existing tooth that has decayed, cracked or is badly stained. Patients who have undergone a root canal procedure often have a crown placed on the tooth to restore its function. Crowns are used in conjunction with other cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants and bridges.


If you have a missing tooth, your dentist in FL can make a dental bridge to replace the tooath that’s gone. A bridge is also called a fixed partial denture, because it works the same as a partial denture, but it’s permanent. A fake tooth is constructed and secured in the center of two crowns. When your dentist places the crowns over your existing teeth, the fake tooth in the bridge replaces your missing tooth.


After scraping off a thin layer of enamel from your teeth, your dentist will adhere a thin material, called a veneer, to the surface of your teeth. This type of Cosmetic Dentistry in Port Orange hides stains, chips and cracks in your teeth and improves their appearance.


This procedure can be performed for one or two missing teeth or for an entire mouthful of teeth as an alternative to dentures. Your dentist will perform a surgical procedure to place the implants into your jawbone. After the bone fuses to the implant, which can take several months, the dentist will open the top of your gums and place a post into each implant. The final step of the procedure is to have a crown placed on the top of each post to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are permanent and they perform just like natural teeth.

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