Types Of Car Insurance Everett

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In order to legally register and drive a vehicle, you must have Car Insurance Everett. This law protects drivers from being responsible for expensive auto repairs and medical bills if they are hit by another driver. When you purchase a vehicle and need to get car insurance, it is important to know what type of insurance is available.

Liability or Collision

Liability insurance is the legal minimum insurance required to drive a vehicle. It is also the cheapest. If you are in an accident which your caused, liability insurance will cover the other driver’s vehicle, any passengers who were injured in the other vehicle, and property damage if there was any. You would be responsible for paying for your own car repairs and medical bills. Your insurance would not over it.

Full Coverage or Comprehensive

This type of insurance is more expensive than liability insurance. That is because it offers more protection. Like liability insurance, full coverage insurance covers the other driver’s vehicle and passengers if you caused an accident. With full coverage insurance, your vehicle and its occupants would also be covered under the insurance. This protects you in the case of an accident, whether you were at fault or not.

Uninsured Motorist

Hit and run accidents can be very upsetting. You can leave your car in a parking lot without a scratch. When you come back, the whole driver’s side can be banged in, with nobody in sight. When this happens, the last thing that you want to do is pay for the damage out of your own pocket. With no other driver around to pay for the damage, your uninsured motorist coverage would cover the damage. The same is true if a vehicle hits you, and keeps going.

How to Get the Best Price on Car Insurance

The best way to get the best price on Car Insurance Everett is to shop around. Different insurance companies charge different amounts for coverage. You can either get quotes from various companies on your own or you can work with an agency who will find you the best price possible. Visit Sav-on.com for more details.

If you are looking for the best price on Car Insurance Everett, the professionals at SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Everett can help.

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