Tutored SAT Classes Can Dramatically Improve Your Test Scores

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If you are in your junior year of high school, you are probably starting to think about your PSAT, SAT and SAT subject tests (SAT IIs) and maybe the ACT exams. These are the tests that tell you which colleges you can apply to. 1-on-1 tutoring is the best and most effective way to improve your test scores. If you can get into small group classes, you get a more dynamic, positive and collaborative learning environment and it will also be easier on your budget. SAT classes let students know if they are struggling in some areas so they can work on improving in those areas.

You can find tutoring in the following subjects:

*Physics (all levels)

*English (all levels)

*Chemistry (all levels)

*Biology (all levels)

*History (all levels)

*Computer science (all levels)

*Spanish (all levels)

*Math (all levels including AP)

All college bound students should set study goals and also schedule testing in ACT, SAT and PSAT exams during both their Junior and Senior years. By taking tutoring of SAT classes and PSAT classes, a student has a chance to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses. The PSAT scores are a very good predictor of what your SAT performance will be, so you should make good use of the available data. All you have to do is add a zero to the end of your PSAT score to get the approximate SAT score and that is very useful information.

Students should realize that these are not cram tests. Unlike the regular tests you take in school, these tests don’t require you to store vast amounts of information in short-term memory. They are critical reasoning tests that give you better rewards for methodical preparation and strategic approaches to preparing. Goal achieving gurus know that you achieve your goals better by making a little progress daily until it becomes a habit to you. The ACT is faster paced and more straightforward than the SAT. Most students have similar scores on both tests but some students do much better when taking the ACT. Most colleges accept both the ACT and the SAT for Admission purposes. Just remember that you don’t need a practice test everyday. Doing a few math problems or reviewing groups of about 20 vocabulary words will eventually make a bigger difference.

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