Troubleshooting a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener in Saint Charles MO

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener in Saint Charles MO offers a homeowner a safe, convenient and reliable way to open and close a garage door. To keep this motorized device functioning at optimal levels, it’s necessary to perform minor maintenance to prevent damage to the unit. Before you do this, it’s advisable to read the owner’s manual and identify the major parts of the garage door opener and the garage door.

Fixing a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener in Saint Charles MO can proceed by ruling out the simplest problems until you find the reason this device is not working. Start by using the remote control and the wall unit to activate the garage door opener. If the remote control features an LED light that is flashing, refer to the owner’s manual. This light indicates there is a problem with the garage door opener. If the wall unit functions properly but the remote control does not, put a new pair of batteries into the remote control. Some wall units use batters as a power source. If the wall unit works but the remote control does not, check the batteries in this as well.

To rule out electrical issues, look for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. A blown fuse will require you to replace it with a new one. A tripped circuit breaker that is not completely in the “on” position should be reset. If it’s not completely in the “off” position, turn it to this position. Wait for approximately one minute before putting it back into the “on” position.

If checking the power source fails to fix the problem, examine the safety sensors. These protective devices are located on either side of the door approximately 12 to 10 inches off the ground. If any of the two beams of light, one red and one green, are obstructed, the garage door won’t open. Make sure the sensors are facing each other and clean their surfaces. Try again to open the garage door.

If the above-mentioned tips fail to produce the desired result, you may have to call a company with the experience to repair your garage door opener. One such establishment to look into is The Birdsong Company. This business can handle garage door and garage door opener services for residential and commercial clients.

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