Trouble Shooting your Air Conditioning in Davenport, FL

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Florida can get hot in the summer, so people really need their air conditioning to work. The family owned Charles M. Watts AC Company has been serving the air conditioning and heating needs of the Davenport, FL area since 1979. Services of the company include repairs of your AC and heating systems for both residential and commercial equipment, new system installations, HVAC relocation, air duct cleaning, heating and AC sales, ongoing HVAC maintenance, and improved indoor air quality for your home or business. Plus they have 24 hour emergency service which is definitely appreciated when the hot weather rolls in!

If your Air Conditioning in Davenport, FL is having problems cooling your home or business, there is a trouble shooting checklist you ought to go through before calling a repair tech. For example, if nothing is running, your thermostat may be improperly set. By setting the thermostat to the correct temperature, everything just may work perfectly, and you have saved yourself the expense of a service call. Another possible cause is a tripped circuit breaker. Once you reset the breaker, everything should work just fine.

Another problem is that your system is running, but there is no air flow. This could be due to a dirty air filter. Changing the filter may solve the problem. Another reason for the problem may be an airflow obstruction other than a dirty filter. You need to look for a blocked return, collapsed ducts, or other air blockages. Once you have removed the blockage, everything should work normally. Sometimes a system malfunction will result in no air flow. By turning it off and then back on, the system may reset itself and work properly.

If you notice that your utility bills are higher than normal, it could mean that your outdoor coil is dirty. After cleaning the coil, everything should return to normal. Another cause is a dirty air filter which is easily corrected by replacing it with a clean filter. Other causes include an air leakage in the air handler or duct work, low refrigerant, or your heat is running simultaneously with the cool. These may require a service tech if the thermostat wires are damaged or an air handler is leaking.

Watts Air Conditioning has the complete trouble shooting guide on their website. To keep your Air Conditioning in Davenport, FL running well, check it against the guide if there is a problem.

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