Transform Your Barren Lawn into a Work of Art with Landscaping in Fairfield, Connecticut

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Transform Your Barren Lawn into a Work of Art with Landscaping in Fairfield, Connecticut

A beautifully maintained lawn can increase a home’s curb appeal and raise property values for an entire neighborhood. When Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut meets or exceeds the homeowner’s expectations, it can also provide years of pride, enjoyment, and entertainment. This all begins with the most basic element: the ground itself. If the soil is unable to support the growth of healthy grass, the lawn is doomed before it even begins to develop.

The soil may need to be treated with fertilizers and other growth agents before grass is planted. In some cases, sod may be the better option. Either way, the right amount of water at appropriate times of the day is going to be vital to maintaining a lush, green lawn. A company experienced in Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut can offer advice on just how much water your choice of grass needs to remain healthy and when the best time to apply the water happens to be. They can also recommend fertilizers to provide optimum growth based on your soil and even the positioning of your home.

Once this soft, green foundation is laid, you can begin building upon it. Shrubs and flower beds are wonderful ways to truly make your lawn your own, but not all foliage will thrive in all climates. Your Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut company can advise you on this matter as well. Some homeowners fall back on the traditional decor of flowers during the summertime and a more barren look during the colder months while others choose to have different types of flowers and greenery blooming for each season.

Trees can provide shade and help lower your heating and cooling bills, but only if they’re strategically placed. A landscaping specialist can recommend the best types of trees for your home and will know where they should be planted in order to reap their optimum benefits. These trees also need to be trimmed and shaped to maintain their health and beauty. Click here for more information.

Whether you simply want a healthier lawn or have higher ambitions such as adding retaining walls and lovely garden water features, your local landscaping specialists can make it happen. They can also help keep your lawn beautiful and personalized year round. Contact Northeast Horticultural Services to find out how they can transform your yard into a work of art.