Top Reasons to Start Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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There are dozens of reasons someone may decide to learn a martial art. It could be for their own fitness, health, self-defense, something fun to do on the weekend, a way to wind-down energetic kids, something to do with friends, or it could be their goal to become a black belt someday. No matter your personal reason, taking Jiu Jitsu training in Los Angeles can make you a better person. You’ll end up being happier, healthier, stronger and even safer. Some other things to consider:

  • You’re never too young or old to learn something new. Martial arts can be enjoyed by children as well as adults, including those who may think they are too old to start.
  • It’s fun. Everyone loves to have fun, and it’s an extra bonus if you have fun while also toning your body and strengthening your muscles.
  • Learn mind and body awareness. Bridge the gap between what your mind wants to do and what your body actually does. When you think left foot kick, you want your left foot to kick a fraction of a second later.
  • Sharpen your mind. Remembering moves, poses, techniques and the names of your classmates can help increase your mental acuity, regardless of your age.

Confidence Boosting for Timid Individuals

Society today is so focused on appearances and whether or not someone fits into a certain crowd. When you’re in the class learning Jiu Jitsu, everyone is an equal. You won’t be looked down on, or sectioned off into a certain group. No one in there is the short person, or the fat person, or the person with two left feet. Even the smallest person in a class can overpower the largest of opponents. It all depends on focusing on your technique and learning how to apply the proper leverage. For youth or adults who may feel like a bit of an outsider, taking the first step into learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can change your life for the better.

Setting a Personal Goal

Before you start a class, set your own personal goal. You are not there for anyone but yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want to waste time after school, lose some weight or go all the way and become a black belt. Set a goal before you begin so you have something to work towards and reach for. If you meet that goal, set another one even higher. Keeping a focus on your personal goals can make the rest of your Jiu Jitsu training in Los Angeles be even more rewarding.

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