Top Reasons for Junk Car Recycling in Oronoco, MN

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Is your old junk car just sitting in your yard and becoming a nuisance and an eye sore? Old vehicles that do not work any more can quickly become a burden when they take up valuable space in on your property without offering any value in return. If you want to get rid of your junk car, think about offering it to a recycling facility or salvage yard where they will put it to better use. Consider the following top reasons for junk car recycling in Oronoco MN.

Donate to Charity

If you recycle your junk care by giving it to charity, you benefit in many different ways. Along with having the satisfaction of helping out a person or organization in need, many charitable donations are also eligible for tax deductions. As a taxpayer, you can receive several hundred dollars in tax deductions off your next tax bill and reduce the overall amount of money you owe the government.

Hassle Free Removal

Finding the time, money and energy to remove a junk car from your yard can be so difficult that it ends up sitting in the same spot for several years. Offering up the car for recycling, typically means getting access to hassle free removal and no costs associated with getting it towed. Salvage yards typically take care of everything involved with moving a junk car from its current location to the salvage yard.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling junk cars is beneficial for the environment in several different ways. Along with reselling used car parts to other vehicle owners, which keeps these parts out of a landfill, recycling removes hazardous fluids and re-purposes scrap metal, which cuts down on greenhouse gasses and other harmful emissions.

Cash Money

Along with being charitable, receiving tax deductions and helping the environment, recycling your old car can put cash money into your pockets. Many salvage yard offer individuals several hundred dollars to sell their old and unused vehicles in order to scrap them for parts and make a profit. Even a car that is very old and does not work can be worth a couple hundred dollars for the right buyer.

These are some of the top reasons for junk car recycling in Oronoco, MN. If you have a junk car you want to recycle, contact a professional recycling company today to arrange for the pickup and transportation of the vehicle.

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