Top Needs Tenants Present to Real Estate Management Companies

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

Property owners who chose to solicit the services of a real estate management firm when renting out their home or apartment often ask what amenities tenants are most frequently seeking in a rental property.  In addition to bigger concerns, such as neighborhood safety and quality school districts, there are small things property owners can invest in that will add appeal to the spaces they are attempting to rent.

Pets Allowed
A large majority of the population owns some type of pet, and potential tenants are no exception.  A top question asked of real estate management Inverness companies is whether or not Fido or Fluffy are allowed at the property.  Although pets pose a potential threat of added damage, wear and tear, or noise to a leasing arrangement, landlords must consider if alienating the pet owning portion of the tenant population is worth it when deciding to take a “no pets allowed” stance.  At the very least, listing a property with the notation that pets “will be considered on a case-by-case basis” may be a good compromise.

Tenants frequently question the parking options of a potential rental property.  While perks such as driveways, garages, or numbered/assigned parking spots are a plus, tenants may also be wary of large rental communities that limit guest parking.  A middle ground of safe, secure parking for your tenants and a simplistic parking system for visiting friends or family members is the most favorable option.

A good percentage of the rental population is made up of elderly and disabled individuals who do not wish to be burdened by the responsibilities of owning their own home.  Being sure that your property is handicap accessible, provides ramps or elevators as an option to staircases, and is accessible via a ground-floor entrance are all valuable modifications to consider making to your rental property, if they are not already in place.

Real Property Management Northwest Chicago is staffed with dedicated real estate management professionals who work for both the client and the tenant, ensuring both parties of the leasing agreement are pleased.


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