Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Winery Trips Long Island Has to Offer

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Wine tasting trips are an excellent opportunity to experience local wineries. Winery trips make for a fun adventure with friends or a romantic day out with that special someone. Winery trips are also a great way to learn about regional wines and be exposed to different tastes that you might otherwise miss. Trip planners provide a full day’s itinerary and handle all of the arrangements. Full day trips typically involve touring several wineries. To get the most out of the winery trips Long Island has to offer, check out these tips for having a great experience.


After a full day of tasting, even the smallest sips of wine can leave visitors feeling inebriated. Stay safe and go the hired route. Hire a designated driver or car service to pick you up and drop you back home. A huge advantage of using a winery tour company is that transportation is usually provided. Guests are transported to the wineries on the itinerary via bus or chauffeured limousine. If your planned trip is far away from home, book a hotel near the winery for the night.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Drinking wine on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. The goal of wine tasting is not intoxication but to see, smell, and experience various wines. Not eating can cause tasters to feel intoxicated more quickly. Many wineries provide lunch or dinner service for tasters to enjoy. Reservations may be required so call ahead.

Leave the Kids at Home

While most wineries allow children on the property, the winery experience can be very boring for kids. Kids obviously can’t partake in tastings. Parents can miss out on most of the tasting experience themselves if they have to spend most of the time finding something for their kids to do. If you do decide to bring your children, make sure you pack snacks and activities (e.g. coloring books, video games) to help keep them occupied.

At some point during your winery trips Long Island adventure, you will find a wine that you love. Visitors can purchase the wines they like on site. Don’t forget to pack an empty wine carrier from home to help ensure the bottles you purchase don’t rattle around too much on your way home.

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