Tips For Choosing a Dumpster Rental in Westchester County NY

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Are you conducting a home renovation and require the use of a dumpster? If so, learn about Dumpster Rental Westchester County NY so you can keep your area safe and clean in a cost-effective and efficient way. Many home owners require these containers as a way to remove unwanted trash from their areas. Also, a Dumpster Rental Westchester County NY allows you to keep your garbage out of sight so it does not become an eye sore.

There are some tips to implement when choosing a dumpster to rent. The first consideration is size. It may be hard to picture the different sizes of dumpsters in your head if you are a first-time dumpster renter. Many companies carry a variety of sizes to meet the demands of their customers. Most clients rent dumpsters that are 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards. These measurements are based on volume, which is measured in cubic yards. Try not to visualize the dumpster being too long or too wide. Remember that a cubic measurement is a block that is three dimensional with six sides. Each of these sides has a length and width of one yard. That makes the length and width of the block one yard.

Before you start shopping for rental dumpsters, understand what your refuse containment needs will be. If you rent a 5 yard dumpster, you can put the refuse from a shed demolition or a bathroom renovation in it. However, if you are remodeling a room, it’s advisable to rent a 10 yard dumpster. A 40 yard dumpster is ideal for the largest of projects. If you have your debris in a pile already, you can take a picture of it to show to a professional that handles the renting of residential dumpsters. He can best advise you on which one to rent.

Finally, you will need to consider pricing. It’s best to call around to get rental fees ahead of time. After you have one or two prices listed you can afford, visit the rental company to check out the dumpster. Make sure it’s durable and solid to keep wastes and debris contained properly. Doing all of this will help you to have a smart avenue for storing your refuse.

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