Three Qualities a Great Dog Walker Needs to Have

June, 2015 by

Anyone can put a leash on a dog and walk around, but a professional dog walker should have great qualities not only as a dog walker but as a person as well. These three qualities may be common traits of a good employee, but not many employees are tasked with pleasing two clients at the same time. Let’s take a look into how this profession can be a hard pick.


One quality that is necessary is patience. Dogs may not be able to talk like us but they do have personalities just like humans. It is very important to get to know those personalities and understand their behavior through patience. Each breed has a different demeanor form the next and as a professional dog walker, they must consider how the breed presents itself and how they must approach them. This also must reflect towards the owner as the professional dog walker prepares to take the dog from the owner and care for them.


Another quality a dog walker should have is awareness. For example, a dog walker in New York should have awareness of their surroundings. There is a lot of activity going on in New York. Mostly everyone walks in New York so there is high traffic wherever they turn. Parks are fun but very big. Socialization is an important factor that professional dog walkers should promote to get your dog used to interacting with others, not just family and close friends. It’s a myth that it diminishes the dog’s protective barrier, they are intelligent to acknowledge when their owner or loved one is endanger or not. While socializing at the park, the dog might run off after another dog or a toy. Knowing where you and the dog are at all times is pertinent to being a good dog walker.


Finally yet importantly, a professional dog walker should always be punctual. One of the reasons a dog walker is hired is because of the stress the owner might be dealing with. Hence, that stress should not be furthered by tardiness. Also, arriving on time shows how responsible and professional you are. This reflects on the business of dog walkers themselves, so professional dog walkers must be mindful of how they present themselves, no matter if they’re dog owners themselves. Dog owners must feel safe entrusting their pet to another person while they go about their day.

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