Terms Used to Classify Veterinarian Facilities

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Terms Used to Classify Veterinarian Facilities

When your pet needs to see a veterinarian, you may have a preferred vet that you always use. If you don’t, it’s possible that in an emergency you’ll chose the facility that is the closest to you, which may be a vet clinic in Gaithersburg. What you may not know is that there are many types of facilities staffed by veterinarians, ranging from hospitals to clinics, and more. Often the name of the facility can clue you in on what to expect. If you aren’t aware of the differences between these types of facilities, this article is here to offer some clarification.

Veterinary Center

When a vet facility uses the word center, this typically means that the scope of practice there is advanced. You can expect to see expert veterinarians who can handle many of the most common and more advanced problems that a loving pet might experience.

Outpatient Clinic

If your vet clinic in Gaithersburg bills itself as an outpatient clinic, this usually means that the procedures and care offered are short-term. This might mean that a pet could be seen and kept at the clinic during the day but would be discharged at the end of the work day for the clinic. This is fine for minor problems but may not be sufficient for a pet with an emergency or need for long-term care.

Emergency Facility

If the veterinarian facility is billed as an emergency facility, this means that most of the functions of the team will be on monitoring, receiving, and treating pet patients during the regular hours of operation. A veterinarian will be there at all times the facility is open, as well as any needed staff members. Some of these clinics offer 24-hour service or after-hours services, depending on the location you choose.

Mobile Practice

When you use a mobile practice, the services may be provided from a vehicle. This is common when dealing with farm or house calls. However, most of these practices do have a base of operations and address so that clients are able to make appointments or speak to a vet in the event of an emergency.

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