Three Common Questions About Bail Bonds

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you’re ever in a situation where you’ve become a defendant in an alleged incident, you might need to make bail. Unless you’re familiar with this process you’ll likely have a number of questions about the process. The following are a few of the common concerns most defendants have.

How much will the bond be?

Every defendant’s bond will be set according to the alleged charges in question, as well as the defendant’s criminal history. Judges will take these elements into account and will calculate your bond amount. A first time offender, with a misdemeanor crime, may only pay $300. A repeat offender, with a brutal assault charge, may have to pay $50,000. If the judge feels that you’ll be a danger upon being released, and that you can’t be trusted to go free, your opportunity for bail can be denied.


What do you have to give the bondsman?

The company that’ll handle your Bail Bond in Dekalb County will require two things from you: interest and collateral. The interest paid by defendants is how bail bonding companies make the majority of their money. You’ll typically be required to pay about 10% of the total bond issued by the judge. In addition to the interest you’ll have to provide some type of collateral. The collateral is to protect the bail bonding company in case you don’t abide by the contract between them, you, and the judge. Collateral could be your house, car, boat, or any other thing with significant value. If you fail to follow through with your agreement, the bail agent has a right to repossess this property.
What happens if you fail to make your appearances in court?

Part of the bond agreement issued by the judge is that you make all future court appearances for your alleged charges. If you fail to do so, a warrant may be issued by the judge for your arrest. When you fail to appear in court the judge will order the agent for the Bail Bond in Dekalb County to pay the bond issued. In order to avoid doing so the bail agent may make an attempt to have you arrested and brought in. A defendant needs to have a legitimate reason for missing a court date. If the reason is accepted, a new bond may be issued. Free At Last Bail Bonds Dekalb County.

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