Things to Look Out For When Selecting Roofers in Santa Monica

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

With so many roofers in Santa Monica, you may be hard pressed to find an option that you can be 100% confident with. A good place to start is to explore your options. Consider two or three different roofers or roofing companies, and try to decide which one may be best suited for your specific job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and most of all, take your time before coming to a decision. Find out what each roofer thinks is the way forward, and try and gauge how well you think they can do the job.

Secondly, don’t immediately go for the lowest bidder. A rule of thumb with roofers in Santa Monica is you get exactly what you pay for. If you are going for a cheaper option, ensure that you are not compromising on a quality service in the name of making savings. Find out what each roofer costs, as well as if there are any additional or hidden charges. In addition to this, ensure that the roofing company you are looking at is registered and insured. This is to guarantee that any kind of damage or loss suffered through the course of the job is paid for by the company.

Third, ensure that you get a written proposal, as well as a bid or estimate. Depending on the kind of job that needs to be done, try and figure out which one will suit you better or is more realistic. A bid is usually a fixed price that the roofer will give you after assessing the kind of work that needs to be done. An estimate on the other hand is usually given when the scope of the work is not immediately clear, and is usually only a guess on how much the job might cost.

Lastly, inquire on how long the work will take to be completed, as well as when it is due to start. Professional roofers in Santa Monica will also offer additional information and services such as preparing the house for the job as well as clean up once the job is complete.

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