Things To Know About Chimney Repair

July, 2014 by Alma Abell

To keep the chimney in your home in good working order it will require routine maintenance and, as the chimney ages there is a good change that chimney repair in Columbus, OH will also become necessary. A chimney is considered a structural element and like all structural elements it can develop problems, many of them quite unique to certain areas in the chimney such as the flue liner, the crown or the damper. There is a lot involved in doing chimney repair, the more you know about it the better as you will be able to decide if the repair is something you can tackle or whether it is a repair that is best left to a pro.

A very common problem is chimney venting. This situation can occur when the device that opens and closes the chimney flue; the damper, becomes corroded and seizes up. When this happens it may be possible to clean the damper of rust and corrosion with a wire brush, restoring its function which is to prevent smoke from the fire entering the house.

However, if the mechanism cannot be cleaned and made functional it may be in need of replacement or at least cleaning with equipment that a normal home would not possess. If this is the case then professionals who do chimney repair in Columbus, OH should be brought it to do the work. The mechanism may have originally been installed in such a manner that it will be necessary to knock out some of the masonry to get at the unit, either to replace failed components or a total replacement. When this has to be done it is imperative that the flue liner and the masonry work are both done right and are in good working order. A job like this will be very difficult for a homeowner to do; this is definitely a job for the professional.

The flue liner is usually a series of clay tile sections that go from the fire box to the top of the chimney. Over time this liner can become coated with creosote, especially if you are burning soft wood like pine. When this happens a fire can easily start in the flue, the temperature may be elevated to the point where the tile liner section cracks and when it does the liner must be replaced.

Whenever you have a problem with your chimney it’s a good idea to seek professional chimney repair in Columbus, your safety and comfort depend on it.
It is a good idea to leave chimney repair in Columbus, OH in the hands of a professional. The work is critical because a poor job can lead to serious problems. Visit for more details.