Things to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Wedding Band

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Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so why worry about how to pick the perfect wedding bands? It doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think. With millions of choices, you want to focus on the things that are important to you! Here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Narrow your Choices

Do you want diamonds in your wedding bands? Do you prefer gold or silver? Decide on a style and whether or not you and your partner’s should match. Do you envision a ring with a lot of embellishments or not? Think about and answer these questions to narrow down your search.

Decide on a Budget

Once you decide on the amount of money you will be spending, your options will narrow even more. Assume that about 3 percent of your wedding budget will be spent on rings. Engravings and diamonds will obviously add to the cost, so be sure to include them in your budget. The cost of engraving will depend on the font and amount of characters.

Think Ahead

You may be wearing your wedding band for the next 40 plus years, keep this in mind. Choose something you can wear for that long. Should the need arise; however, you can always get a new one or a more expensive one in the future.

Will it need Maintenance?

A wedding band with a lot of diamonds and stones will need to be cleaned properly. If not done correctly, you can loosen the stones. You will need to gently soak and wash it with a soft brush, then rinse and pat it dry. If you won’t want to worry about this, choose something that won’t require much maintenance.

Get the correct Size

Often people will not take off their wedding bands. They are worn through the year, pregnancies, etc. Your fingers will swell and then contract for a number of reasons. Find the size that will best account for these changes. Do not finalize your ring size if it is early in the morning or if you just exercised.

There are many other tips to consider. If you are buying wedding bands in Costa Mesa, CA you will want quality for a good price. Don’t just shop anywhere, ask friends and family for their preferred jewelry store.

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