Things to consider before hiring a housekeeper

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Hiring a housekeeper in Salt Lake City can bring a huge sigh of relief, not only for the lady of the house, but the rest of the family as well. Finally, the whole family will be able to spend time together, and long forgotten hobbies can once again be pursued.

However, before you actually hire the housekeeper, ask yourself a few questions:

Do you need the help?
There are different issues with a house. If you are fighting a losing battle with clutter and unnecessary junk, maybe you need a personal organizer instead. If your home is reasonably clean, perhaps you only need help when you are hosting a special event or the once a year spring cleaning. However, if you need free time on a weekly basis, then a housekeeper in Salt Lake City is for you.

What’s best, a cleaning company or an independent helper?
When you hire a cleaning company you can be sure that they attend to bonding their people, they provide insurance, check references and pay their taxes. They are also in a position to dispatch additional personnel during that once a year spring cleaning task. An independent cleaner means more administration on your part but you often will build a better rapport with an individual that you see every week.

Employment laws:
If you use an agency to provide a housekeeper Salt Lake City you do not have to concern yourself with the laws that cover employment. If you hire independently you will have to run background checks on whether the person can legally work in the US and you will have to file the employer’s portion of social security.

Flat fee or hourly:
People are concerned about the way they should pay their housekeeper. If you pay by the hour, will they stretch the job out, if you pay a flat fee, will they do a thorough job? Hourly wages are more acceptable, you have a tendency to keep staff longer as they will not risk losing a good job by working slowly.

Get referrals:
Regardless of whether you are looking for an independent worker or you are going to use a service provider, you need references. Personal references are by far the best, ask co-workers and friends if they have a housekeeper Salt Lake City and if they do, can they recommend them? If you chose to work with an agency, you can ask for replacements until you find a helper than you can get along with well, this is not the case with an independent.

Trial period:
Once you have settled on the person or agency, ask for a trial period before you enter any contract. This period can be short, two or three weeks is enough for you to know if your home is clean and you can trust the individual.

When you need a housekeeper in Salt Lake City, go to the pros. American Housekeeping of Utah guarantee that you will be satisfied with their services. The company is accredited with the BBB.

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