The Wonderful World of a Wood Stove in Hagerstown, MD

September, 2015 by

The wood burning stove has been around for hundreds of years. For a good part of that time, they were the only heating and cooking source in the home. It has gone from being a necessity for survival to being a chosen form of heat and ambiance. People now choose a Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD, for several reasons. Wood stoves are known for their efficiency and the incredible warmth they put out, for the wonderful woodsy scent on a cold evening, the ability to roast marshmallows over an open fire in the home, and for a cozy centerpiece on a romantic evening. Yes, even in these modern times, one can experience a Norman Rockwell moment in front of their wood stove.

Most people choose a Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD, for the atmosphere the stove creates in the home. However, more and more people are discovering how energy efficient they are. A cord of well-seasoned wood will last a winter for most people. Modern wood stoves are fully electric and have blowers to force the warm air into the room. Dampers make it possible to keep the heat regulated so the room doesn’t get too hot or the wood burn too quickly. With that in place, the central house heat can often be turned off, saving the homeowner quite a bit on their utility bill.

Choosing a wood stove takes a bit of expertise. A company such as Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps will be able to guide the homeowner to the correct style and size of wood stove for the house and family. A company with years of experience is the best choice. Besides coming in various sizes, they can be freestanding or built into an original fireplace. The latter should come with a complete check of the chimney for safety. There should be someone to discuss the importance of using seasoned wood (green wood can cause a dangerous creosote buildup) and also to explain routine maintenance to check the flue regularly for any obstructions. Once these measures have been followed, one can start enjoying their own picturesque scene in front of their cozy wood stove.

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