The Whole-House Benefits of Professional Plumbing in Dallas

October, 2013 by

If you have not used the services of a modern plumber lately, you may still think of them as the reliable people who clear drains. They still do that, but today’s professionals can also provide dozens of other expert services. Professional Plumbing in Dallas also includes:

*  DESIGN HELP:  When you are building a new home or renovating, plumbers can help you design dream kitchens and bathrooms. Professional Plumbing in Dallas includes working with you and your contractor, to provide and install the perfect bathtubs, showers, sinks, and more. Technicians are trained to work with many types of styles, materials, colors, and fixtures. They can install original piping and re-pipe older homes.

*  INCREASED EFFICIENCY:  Professionals will evaluate your hot water heater and fixtures, to determine their efficiency. They will explain how you can save energy and resources by installing different models. These may include low-flow fixtures or tankless water heaters.

*  DRAINS AND SEWERS:  If you call a plumber because your drains back up often, they can inspect them using remote cameras. Professionals can often clear blockages in lines and drains using technology such as hydro jetting. This forces pressurized water into pipes and lines, to clean and clear them. In some cases plumbers find that ongoing problems are the result of sewer problems. These may include cracked sewer pipes or blockages, such as roots that are clogging lines. Technicians can often clear lines remotely. If the pipes are cracked or broken, plumbers may be able to replace them, using trenchless technology. In this method, they only need to make a few small holes in the ground, and then inspect, repair, and replace lines from above ground. They can re-line the pipes with a polyurethane coating, to make them stronger. Trenchless methods eliminate the need to destroy landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks.

*  GAS LINES:  Plumbers can also inspect, repair, and install gas lines. This is critical to ensure that there are no dangerous leaks, which could cause serious health problems, or death.




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