The various types of windscreen chips and how they are repaired

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Automotive

While there are a variety of ways that your windscreen can get damaged, perhaps the most common sign of damage is a chip forming on the body of your windscreen. A chip is a hazard to any driver as it can soon develop and become much more severe, something that puts their well-being at risk every time they get in their vehicle. Because of the vast amount of pressure that your windscreen is put under due to the high speeds that vehicles travel at, a seemingly minor chip that has formed on your windscreen can slowly grow and grow until it leads to severe structural damage, and this is something that can lead to a severe accident if it is not addressed quickly. Another complication to do with chips is the fact that there are in fact a variety of types, and the type of chip that has formed on your windscreen can change the nature of the problem and how it must be repaired. It is vitally important that you do immediately seek out a company that specialises in windscreen repair in Cheltenham if you notice a chip on your windscreen, as a failure to do so can lead to an accident or it can cause damage to become so severe that it is beyond repair. Below are some further details on the different types of chips and how they differ in nature.

Bullseye chips

One of the chips that can form on your windscreen is known as a Bullseye chip, and fortunately it is something that can be repaired by a professional company specialising in windscreen repair in Cheltenham. A Bullseye chips resembles a circular shape similar to the bullseye on a dartboard, so if you notice one then you need to get in contact with a company straight away.

A star chip

A star chip is known as one of the more complicated kind of chips as it cracks across a variety of lines to resemble a star. Such chips are perhaps the most dangerous ones to leave without treatment as they can become far more severe in no time at all, so it is crucial that you get repair work performed straight away.

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