Common Problems With Air Conditioning in Portland Oregon

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

One of the most common reasons homeowners contact their HVAC company for air conditioner service is because their equipment is not cooling their home the way they think it should. In many cases, the problem is easy to correct and stems from homeowners not understanding how their Air Conditioning In Portland Oregon works.

Before turning on the air conditioner, it is important for homeowners to open all of the air vents in the home and close all of the windows. When vents are closed, even in rooms that are unused, the efficiency of the air conditioner is greatly reduced. The same is true for open windows. The air conditioning system will run until the temperature inside the home reaches the number on the thermostat. With open windows or closed vents, the system will run constantly because it will be very difficult to achieve the desired temperature.

Another common reason that homeowners contact their HVAC technician stems from improper installation or service. If a new air conditioning unit is not installed properly, it will be significantly less efficient at cooling a home. Leaking air ducts are the most common symptom of poor installation. A new system should be able to cool a home quickly. However, when the ducts are not properly sealed, even new equipment has to work harder than necessary to get the home cool.

Incorrect refrigeration levels are a common reason for air conditioners to malfunction. An experienced, thorough HVAC technician can determine if refrigerant is the level is correct. A low refrigerant level is often a sign of a leak. After repairing the leak, the technician should test the repair and then refill the refrigerant to the manufacturer’s specifications.

When homeowners in Portland have problems with their air conditioning, they contact a reliable HVAC company to assess their problem and get the air conditioner running properly as quickly as possible. A hot summer day without Air Conditioning in Portland Oregon can be very uncomfortable so it is important to choose an HVAC technician who is experienced and knowledgeable enough to diagnose the problem and get it correctly quickly.


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