The Various Types Of Dentures

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Dentures are replacements for teeth that have been lost to decay or trauma, dentures can be complete or partial. Complete dentures include all the teeth in either the upper or lower dental arch whereas a partial denture only replaces certain teeth, not all. Dentures today are considerably more comfortable and natural looking than they were some years ago but regardless; they still feel strange when first worn. Normally the dentures will require re-lining after a few months as the gums and jaw bone shrinks, your dentist will schedule follow-up appointments to deal with any problems with fitting.

Many people have what are called “immediate dentures”. These dentures are made in advance and put into the mouth immediately after the teeth have been extracted. To make this possible, the dentist will have made specific measurements well in advance. The benefit of immediate dentures in Wichita Kansas is obvious; the patient does not have to be without teeth as the gums heal. Because the gums and bone shrinks though, immediate dentures do take more follow up than dentures which are fitted after the extractions have healed.

Upper dentures are held in place by suction and are usually quite stable; this is not the case with the lowers. Lower dentures are held in place by the jaw and lip muscles and are more difficult to wear. New techniques in the making of dentures have come up with ways to improve upon this to the point where wearing dentures is no longer problematic.

Standard dentures are those that are made for people who have already lost their teeth. Standard dentures have been used for years but there have been changes in design and manufacturing techniques which make them more comfortable and easier to wear. The upper denture is more stable the more material there is to be in contact with the roof of the mouth, this provides a better seal which holds them in place while talking and eating.

Full dentures are used for patients who have lost their teeth to decay, disease or trauma of some sort. Once the gums are fully healed, the dentist can take impressions of the oral cavity and have a dental technician make the dentures in Wichita Kansas. In some cases there may be a few teeth remaining, if this is the case the denture is made to take advantage of this, the denture hooks to the remaining teeth, making them considerably more stable.

If you need new dentures in Wichita Kansas or a replacement denture made, you are invited to call American Dental for an appointment.

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