The various tasks of an electrician

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An electrician in Oklahoma City OK is a very highly skilled tradesman who deals with the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. To become a master electrician it can take as long as five years of study and working as an apprentice and journeyman. Consumers deal with electricians every day, they can call upon them from their homes and often they are visible working on the overhead lines in the neighborhood.

Although they both have similar duties, regional nomenclature tends to break the trades down. Those individuals who work indoors are often called electricians whereas those who work outdoors are often called linesmen. The linesman works with much higher voltage than does the indoor electrician and as a result the work can be quite dangerous, this is particularly true when an area has been devastated by a storm and the linesmen are called upon in response to downed power lines.

During the construction of a building, be it a new house or a multi-story building, an electrician in Oklahoma City, OK plays a very important part of the construction team. During the construction of the building, the electrician works alongside carpenters as they progress, installing conduit in the open walls which are later used to pull individual wires throughout the various rooms. An electrician is also involved in the installation of the building heating and cooling systems and when the construction is almost completed, the final sockets, switches and other electrical components are finally installed and tested.

During construction, not every electrical circuit is the same. Although general power that is distributed to common outlets and lighting is the same, high consuming appliances such as the stove, furnace and air conditioner will have circuits which use larger wire and circuit breaker protection.

The entire electrical system in a building is the responsibility of the electrician. Pulling wire through conduit is only one task, these circuits are all brought together at a common panel where the circuits are protected with breakers.

Upon completion of an installation, the electrician may be called back over time to make repairs or add circuits as the electrical demands increase. Over time, electrical wires will begin to fail and an electrician will be needed to replace them.

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