The Process of Metal Recycling in NJ

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If you have often thought about adding recycling to your companies procedures, but aren’t sure of the reason behind doing so, then keep reading. You can greatly reduce the impact your company has on the environment and give your business a green image by choosing to incorporate a recycling method to your waste disposal methods. Before you rush out and choose a company make sure you understand how the process works so you can have all of your basic questions answered. While the process may seem complicated, it is an easy task, and most of the work happens after your waste has been picked up. Here is a brief overview of what happens when you sell your items to a company who specializes in Metal recycling in NJ. Sorted One of the first things that takes place is the sorting of all of the items that the recycler has. Metal, aluminum, copper and all metals will be separated for further processing. While this was typically done by hand in the past, it is now done with machines that can detect an items composition. This makes it easy and efficient to properly sort all of the different types of metal.

Melted Down After all of the metal has been sorted, it is then compiled and melted down. The recycler will then form the metal in various cubes. Impurities in the metal are removed during this step, so the final product is as pure as possible. There is still one step left before the process is complete.

Sold The recycler will then sell the melted cubes of pure metal to manufacturers. Companies will then reuse this waste to make products for future consumers. It is cheaper to purchase recycled metal than to mine for further metal, and is less impactful on the environment. Manufacturers can also claim that they use recycled products in their packaging, which can draw customers who are focused on green living. The process of recycling has only just begun when your waste is picked up. Make sure you consider using Metal recycling in NJ so you can rest assured you are doing your part to keep the environment a safe and healthy place. American Scrap Metal has been helping companies with their recycling disposal methods for years, and they can help your company too.


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