The Procedure for Getting Dental Implants in Lubbock

January, 2014 by Michael Dyal

Anyone who has missing teeth and wants to have them replaced has a few different options available to them. Dentures have been the main choice for many years, mainly because they were the only option available. Today, there are many ways to replace missing teeth, and give people back their healthy smiles. One way is to have a full denture implanted. A current denture can be retrofitted for this purpose, and the procedure ensures that the denture will never slip out, no matter what the wearer is doing.

Another popular option is having individual teeth implanted into the jaw bone. This can be a costly procedure, but most people who have had it done feel that it is well worth the cost. The procedure for getting Dental Implants Lubbock begins with a consultation with an oral surgeon who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Once the dentist and patient have discussed the procedure, and it is determined that the patient is a good candidate, the work can begin.

Local anesthesia is used for this procedure. Once the patient is under anesthesia, the bone where the new tooth is to be placed is exposed. An implant is placed onto the jawbone, also known as an endosteal implant. This is made from titanium or titanium alloy. Once this is in place, a cover screw is put in, and the wound is stitched up. No new teeth are put in at this point. The mouth must heal for approximately six months before any further work can be done.

Once the mouth is healed, there is a second operation, where the cover screw is taken out and a temporary crown is put in its place. This allows tissue to grow, and gets it ready to grow around the final tooth. Once the mouth is healed from this part of the process, the final step is done, and the patient has implanted teeth that are the closest thing to real teeth.

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