The Metallic History of Scrap Iron Philadelphia

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Scrap iron is often defined as recycled materials that are left over from manufactured products and consumed goods. This type of metal can be sold to scrap iron purchasers who then make the materials into other goods for sale. More often than not, scrappers (as they are so called) will remove scrap metal for those who wish to be rid of it. Then, the metal is taken to a wrecking yard where it is processed to be melted.

There are several types of scrap iron Philadelphia including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. Each type is useful in its own right. Steel is an alloy of iron, which is where the term “scrap iron” Philadelphia, and other places, comes in. Steel is the most popular and most used metal in the industry. The second most popular is aluminum. Copper is one of the best electrical conductor materials of all the metals. This mineral is often used in wiring. Brass is composed of an alloy made of copper and zinc. Stainless steel is an alloy that is resistant to rust and tarnishing, while nickel alloys are primarily made of nickel to increase resistance to corrosion. Each of these metals is versatile in its own right and manner.

One such business that deals with scrap iron Philadelphia is S.D. Richman Sons, which is one of the premiere scrap metal buys in the Philadelphia area. This company was first established in the 1901 Germantown section of this city. To transport iron and metal, a horse and buggy were used. In 1936, the company expanded to include a fleet of trucks and a processing plant. Unlike most scrap iron Philadelphia companies, this one is sure to mention its close ties to the environment.

S. D. Richman Sons is dedicated to complying with all levels of environmental regulations, providing innovative recycling, reducing waste and preventing pollution, and transporting materials in a responsible manner. Because of these policies, the company takes on any liability claims that are associated with the shipment of scrap metal from this location. To reach a quality metal buyer, check out this business first, since they are the leading authority on all things metal.

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