The Main Components Of A Central Air Conditioning System In San Antonio, TX

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Central Air Conditioning in San Antonio, TX uses a number of components to circulate cool air throughout a home. All parts of the air conditioning system operate in unison to create a comfortable indoor climate in an efficient manner.

Beginning with the interior elements, the thermostat helps control the interior air temperature. Once the thermostat has been set to the desired temperature, it constantly monitors the temperature of the air around it. Once the air exceeds the preset temperature, the thermostat signals the central unit to kick on, cooling the air back to the desired temperature.

Next come the vents and the duct work they are connected to. Most vents use filters to remove dust, hair, pet dander and other particles from the air while allowing clean air to flow through. This is why keeping the filters clean is important. As particles build up on the filters, the air is unable to flow through properly, hampering the capability of the air conditioning unit.

The duct work sends cooled air from the central unit into the home; in addition, it draws air from the home and sends it back through the exterior unit to be cooled. The duct work for air conditioning needs to be free from damage and clogs in order to move air properly.

From there, we proceed to the exterior unit. The unit is charged with refrigerant, which is sent through coils in the evaporator. The evaporator changes the refrigerant from a liquid to a gaseous state, allowing it to cool air more quickly and effectively.

An expansion valve regulates the amount of refrigerant flowing through the coils while the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant along its journey. The condenser helps remove heat containing moisture from the air being drawn through the system. Separate fans move cooled air through the duct work and into the home as well as sending away heat generated by the unit.

Many more smaller components are involved including drains, sensors and wiring, but these are the major working parts involved in an air conditioning system. They must all be manufactured and installed correctly and properly maintained to keep the system functioning effectively and efficiently.


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