Can A DUI Attorney in Reading PA Overturn Your DUI Charge?

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

By hiring a DUI Attorney Reading PA you have the opportunity to fight the charges and win your case. In Berk County, Pennsylvania a charge of driving under the influence is not taken lightly. Upon conviction, you will serve a mandatory jail term when if it is your first offense. You will lose your driving privileges and after your jail, sentence is complete you may additionally receive a sentence of probation. Once you receive a DUI conviction it remains on your record indefinitely. If you receive additional DUI convictions, the punishments are more severe.

Just Cause

The first concept that an attorney will establish is whether or not the arresting officer had just cause for pulling you over. The law requires police officers to have probable cause to stop a driver. Probable cause is proven only if the driver is in violation of Pennsylvania traffic laws. If a driver is driving recklessly or fails to obey traffic laws, the officer has just cause to pull him or her over. In some cases, the police officer is required to provide his or her reasoning for stopping the accused.

Administering the Sobriety Tests

All police vehicles are equipped with video and audio recorders. This equipment is not installed only to protect the officer but also to record the events that occur during a traffic stop. The field sobriety tests are conducted within the front section of the police vehicle to record these tests. If these tests are administered incorrectly, your preferred lawyer could get your case thrown out of court. Additionally, if the arresting officer is not certified to administer BAC testing, the test results are not valid. All officers must renew their certification each year, and a record of the re-certification appears within the officer’s employment record.

Ebner, Nevins, And McAllister

Attorneys Ebner Nevins And McAllister offer legal services for individuals who receive DUI charges. Each DUI Attorney Reading PA provides counsel wthin these proceedings. Additionally, they offer legal representation for cases within child custody, civil litigation, and divorce. If you require a DUI attorney, you may review their website to determine methods of contact or visit their local Reading, PA office.

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